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Thriving & Surviving

Komen Columbus is committed to develop programming as a response to community need. We saw a need for survivors to receive ongoing education about a range of issues, from financial to physical to psychosocial- throughout their survivorship journey- from diagnosis through the rest of their lives.

In response to that need, we’ve developed a monthly survivor e-newsletter full of information on lifestyle, financial and psychological survivorship issues, Q&A with clinical experts, research updates relevant to survivors, special events and opportunities and giveaways.

Past Articles and Topics Include

  • Survivor holiday blues- how to enjoy the holidays without feelings of guilt
  • Preventing chemo side effects
  • Free research update webinar on early stage and metastatic breast cancer
  • Flu season tips for survivors
  • Travel tips for survivors with prosthetics
  • Collection of “random acts of kindness” appreciated by survivors
    • Ask the doctor series with plastic surgeon, lymphedema therapist, exercise physiologist, pathologist and genetics counselor
    • Navigating the “marital waters” after diagnosis
    • Pending legislation, oral chemotherapy bill
    • Articles on financial issues
    • Research on fertility for women with cancer
    • Healthy recipes and exercise tips
    • Upcoming events for healthy survivor lifestyle to minimize recurrence
    • Monthly drawing and giveaway
    • Share your story promotion to collect stories and experiences

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