Join the Club!

Imagine being in the shoes of a working single-mother with three kids who can’t afford insurance premiums. Maybe you’ve just changed jobs and your new insurance hasn’t kicked in. Now imagine you’ve found a lump or have a family history of breast cancer.

Go the Extra Mile this Race season and join Club 250, the hard-working group of Race for the Cure fundraisers who are truly making an impact in the fight against breast cancer.

Did you know that the average cost in the state of Ohio for a clinical breast exam and two mammograms without insurance is $250?

Join Club 250 and allow us to help the women and men right here in Central and Southeastern Ohio.

Each Club 250 membership could help provide funding for one of the following:

  • A clinical breast health exam and two mammograms
  • 10-16 hours of patient navigation for a breast cancer patient in active treatment
  • Transportation assistance for 10 visits for breast cancer patients in active treatment
  • Identifying five women at risk of not getting screened, educating and linking them to resources to help
  • Survivorship services for 25 breast cancer survivors and co-survivors
  • Lab time, equipment, supplies and fellowships for investigators working on ground-breaking scientific research. projects like identifying new methods of detection, ensuring more accurate diagnoses, and enabling personalized treatments

Ready to join? All you have to do is raise at least $250 toward your Race for the Cure fundraising. All who have raised $250 by Race Day, Saturday, May 14, 2016, will receive a commemorative Club 250 shirt.

Club 250 members will be recognized on our blog, social media channels and e-newsletters. T-shirts will be able to be picked up on Race day.

Questions? Contact us.