Team Fundraising

Last year, teams raised more than $479,000 for the fight to end breast cancer. That’s a huge impact!

Team fundraising helps ensure that we will be able to make the biggest impact in the community.

There are two ways that teams can engage in fundraising:

  1. Each team member asks their friends, family members and co-workers to support them in their fundraising efforts by making a donation. To get tips and tools on personal fundraising, click here.
  2. Your team can host a fundraising event. To download a list of fun and easy fundraising events, click here.

Turn your team members’ passion into even more action this year and qualify for any – or all! – of these pink perks.

Team Pep Rally. Raise $2,500 or more by Friday, April 10 and a Komen Columbus staff member or volunteer will come and speak to your team and provide pink items to get everyone excited about the upcoming Race.

Team Concierge Service. Raise $5,000 or more by Friday, April 24 and you’ll qualify for Concierge Service, which means a Komen Staff member or volunteer will personally deliver your teams’ t-shirts and Race packets directly to the team captain. (Team packets may be mailed depending on the captain’s location.)

Team Pink It Up. Raise $7,500 or more by Friday, April 24 and you’ll receive Concierge service, along with pink goodies for your team members to have. We’ll also include your team’s name and story on our blog.

Team Town. Want to make sure your team gets noticed on Race Day? The five teams that raise the most money, (at least $10,000 or more,) by Friday, May 8 will receive a 10×10 tent in our Team Town area on Race morning. You’ll be in the middle of all the action at the Statehouse and will receive complimentary coffee and snacks. Teams will be able to decorate their tents on Friday, May 16 and can use their tent as a meeting place for all members on Race Morning.

Team Town FAQ

What size are the tents?

The tents will be 10’ x 10’.

Are teams allowed to bring in food and drinks to their tents?

Yes! Food and drinks are welcome, however, alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

What will be provided by Komen Columbus?
One 6’ table will be provided along with two chairs. Teams may bring additional chairs or tables if they’d like. Komen Columbus will also provide a small banner with your team’s name on it. Refreshments from Tim Horton’s will also be provided.

When can teams decorate the tents?
Team captains and members will be allowed into Team Town to decorate their tents on Friday, May 15 from 4 pm – 9 pm or on Saturday, May 16 beginning at 6 am. Overnight security will be onsite, however Komen Columbus is not responsible for any damage or loss of materials.

Can team members stay overnight in the tents?

No. No one is permitted to sleep in the tents overnight.

More details will be sent to the five qualifying team captains the week of May 11.